Freezer Cooking Guide

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Our "OAMC for Dummies" manual is written for people who do not have the time (or desire) to read a typical, lengthy "how-to" book. It includes 17 pages of charts, calendars, checklists, simple tips and label templates.

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What OAMC'ers are Saying

When I started to OAMC my intention was to simply try to serve healthier meals for my children.

As an added bonus, my husband and I both lost weight!

Our foods tasted better and because they were home cooked, we didn't have all of the added fat. I am thinner...and hooked on OAMC!

Erin, OH


I've always loved OAMC for my family but I realized another wonderful use for it when a close friend (and mother of three) was hospitalized. The moment I learned about her situation, I remembered all of the meals I had prepared for my own family and immediately delivered four days worth of meals to her husband. You should have seen the look on his face! She said it was the most thoughtful gift she’d been given! Now I am saving some of my freezer favorites for my pregnant and elderly friends.

Tanya, MN