Non Vegan Beer

Where to Find Compassionate Beer

Choosing to be Vegan isn’t just a lifestyle choice, it is a calling. You have chosen to live a compassionate life inside and out but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun too. When you go out on the town with your friends or family, it is natural that you might want to indulge in some adult beverages. Just be careful what you choose. That ice cold beer from the tap may not be the vegan treat you’re looking for.

What Is In Your Beer?

It is terrible to imagine but some brands of beer and even wine are processed with animal products. Sometimes they use gelatin. Gelatin is made by boiling the skin, ligaments, tendons and even the bones of cows or pigs in water. (Thats enough to change the way you look at jello for ever.) Other times they use glycerin. Glycerin is generally created by taking the fat of cow and melting it. Casein, which is made up of the egg whites from chickens, can be used but when it comes Guinness, this beer is NOT good for animals. Guinness uses isinglass to make their beer. Isinglass is made of the air-bladders of fish to cask beers.

Guinness maintains that their beer products are completely animal free...just so long as you don’t mind that little bit of fish blatter they use to make the beer. The company uses the fishing by-product to settle out suspended matter in the vat. They maintain that little, if any, of the isinglass makes it into the beer itself.

Vegan Beer

Traditional Brewing Methods

In general, British brewing companies are not for Vegans. Most British beers use isinglass, glycerin, casein, or gelatin during their brewing process. If you want truly vegan beer, go traditional. Traditional brewing methods use the Double Dropping Process. Freshly brewed, fermenting beer is left to simmer before it is dropped into a lower container where it continues to ripen. This keeps the beer clean and encourages immaculate yeast growth.The double dropping process is the most delicious and humane way to make beer.

German and Belgium brewing companies are the best at using the double dropping process. This is due, in part, to Germany and Belgiums purity laws. The law requires that only water, grains, yeast and hops can be used to make beer. No animals!

Where Vegan Beer is Available

Don’t worry, unlike a lot of Vegan products, Vegan beer is easy to find. Trader Joes is your one stop shop for Vegan beer. All of their beer products are Vegan. (Thanks Trader Joes!) If you can’t find anything there, check out the Abita Brewing company or Santa Cruz Ale Works. Heineken, Magic Hat and Rolling rock are also completely void of any animal products, making it easier than ever to find a compassionate adult beverage. So sit back on a beach with a Corona, or enjoy a Mike’s Hear Lemonade at a picnic without any guilt.  Just make sure you enjoy yourself responsibly.

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