Thanksgiving Turkey Tips

Thanksgiving Turkey

Turkey is the traditional entree of Thanksgiving meals. Plentiful in flavor and protein, families all over America sink their teeth into the delicious meat on the day that we express gratitude for all of the love and abundance in our lives. It’s a very sweet tradition that unites people with their loved ones over a steaming meal, the ultimate display of prosperity and generosity. But traditional isn’t the same as boring! With a little imagination, you can transform your regular ol’ turkey dinner into a festive culinary masterpiece that all who attend will be drooling about for years after the fact.

Turkey Basting

A basic recipe makes a basic meal. Why not change it up? When basting your turkey, get creative by experimenting with different liquids that will add its own unique flavor while enhancing the turkey’s taste. Trade in that boring vegetable oil or artery-clogging butter for something that will give your meal that extra kick it needs to stand out. Try basting your turkey with wine. There are recipes all over the internet that call for red wine or white wine to be used for basting. Sweet white wines seem to be most popular for choice turkey basting, but it’s all a matter of personal preference. When choosing wine, make sure that you choose one that you enjoy drinking, but avoid using fine wines whose taste alone you value. Quantity must also be taken into consideration when choosing a wine. But whatever you do, do not use cooking wine. Olive oil is another healthy and flavorful option, especially when coupled with a great mix of herbs and spices.

Spicing Up The Turkey

Spice your turkey up! As far as herbs and spices are concerned, nothing changes the flavor of turkey like the right seasoning. Some popular spices used for seasoning turkey include rosemary, garlic, black pepper,thyme, basil, cumin, bay leaves, and many more. You might want to try blending your favorite herbs and spices to create a mouth-watering seasoning of your own. For a taste of Thanksgiving paradise, go heavy on the herbs and spices when your turkey is basted with olive oil (in tasteful moderation, of course).

Switching Up The Stuffing

Stuffing is a great filler for the turkey’s insides and a classic Thanksgiving side dish in its own right. But is stuffing starting to feel too stuffy and boring for you? If so, then consider stuffing your turkey with something besides traditional stuffing? Mash harvest-time vegetables like squash, carrots, or pumpkin together with brown rice in order to make your own mix to stuff the turkey with. Once again, herbs come in handy when accenting the vegetables’ tastes. In order to prevent the growth of bacteria, make sure that you don’t pre-cook your stuffing of choice too early. Also, avoid overstuffing the turkey, especially since foods like rices and grains tend to expand inside of the turkey while it’s cooking in the oven.

Thanksgiving might be an old and traditional holiday, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t liven it up with a new recipe!

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