7 Nutrition-rich Juice Recipes

Taking nutrition-rich juices is certainly the best way through which one can infuse their body with potent minerals and vitamins. This is because it takes less than 20 minutes for these juices to get into the system (for they are already in digestible form) hence, are highly capable of repairing your body and revitalizing your energy levels in no time. Here are seven of the most nutrition-rich juice recipes that you should adopt:

1) Sweeet Potato Juice:

The juice, which makes a perfect post-workout juice, is made using scrubbed and coarsely chopped sweet potato, raw almonds, oranges that have been peeled and cut in chunks and an apple(s). To make the juice, simply put these four ingredients in a blender and blend till smooth.

Sweet potato juice helps in building and repairing various muscles in the body as well as in balancing one's fluids and electrolytes.

2) Leafy Green Juice:

This type of juice contains high amounts of iron hence ideal for pregnant women or women on their periods. It's also good for other individuals for it helps in enhancing muscle and bone functionability as well as healthy blood cells.

When making leafy green juice, you'll need sliced kale, thickly sliced cucumber, cored and cut into chunks granny smith apple and seedless green grapes. Blend all the ingredients till smooth and garnish with a cucumber slice or fresh kale leaf.

7 Nutrition-rich Juice Recipes

3) Mango-Berry Juice:

Mango-berry juice only demands the use of three ingredients - mango, strawberries and blueberries. This juice is known to be highly rich in antioxidants hence plays a key role in fighting signs of aging.

To make some, combine these three ingredients and blend till smooth. You can choose to garnish with a slice of mango, a few strawberries and/or blueberries.

4) Apple-Cherry Juice:

With the key ingredients being apples, pears and cherries, this juice is loaded with lots of vitamins (Vitamins A, B, C and E). As such, it's great at fighting signs of aging as well as in enhancing stronger bones.

To make apple-cherry juice, you'll need cored and cubed apples, soft pears and cherries. Put all of these in a blender, blend till smooth and garnish with fresh cherries.

5) Coconut Water Juice:

Coconut water juice is best known for containing abundant amounts of natural fruit sugars thereby capable of giving you an instant energy boost and of course, keeping you hydrated.

You only need three ingredients to make yourself some - coconut water, peaches and lychees in syrup. Making it is so easy for all you need to do is blend these three ingredients till smooth to your liking.

6) Kiwi Juice:

Though there's so much to love about kiwi juice, the most exciting thing about it is that it contains abundant amounts of Vitamin C thus acts as the ideal immunity booster.

To make some, you'll need a kiwi fruit, orange and grapefruit that have been peeled and cut in chunks. Blend the three ingredients till smooth and garnish with a slice of orange.

7) Root Veggie Detox Juice:

This juice is mainly made using root vegetables - ginger, carrots, beet and an apple. As such, it really helps in calming one's stomach and enhancing digestion.

When making this amazing juice, you'll need to blend these ingredients - peeled and chopped fresh ginger, scrubbed and coarsely chopped beet, scrubbed and sliced carrots and a cored and cubed apple.

Adopting these 7 nutrition-rich juice recipes will in many ways help in transforming your health.

Kindly note that when preparing the above juices, you can choose to strain the juice - to make it smoother and/or, add water in case you want to thin it.

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