Crock-Pot Recipe: Rancher’s Roast Beef

Is there a difference between rancher's roast beef and your typical day to day beef? Basically, the main distinction between these two is that, the former is normally topped with sour cream spiked gravy and flavored with ranch dressing mix and zingy pepperoncinis while the latter is just but plain. Other than this, it's slow cooked hence ensuring that it's more than tender and highly flavored. In case you have never had some, or would like to learn how to prepare it, here's the best crock-pot rancher's roast beef recipe that you'll ever come across:

Rancher's Roast Beef


When preparing rancher's roast beef for six, you'll need:

  1. a) Three pounds of beef chuck steak
  2. b) Two tablespoons of canola oil
  3. c) Two tablespoons of butter - has to be cut in small pieces
  4. d) Two cups of beef broth
  5. e) A packet of ranch dressing mix. This can be substituted with one tablespoon of homemade ranch mix
  6. f) A tablespoon of cornstarch
  7. g) Half a tablespoon of kosher salt
  8. h) Half a cup of sliced pepperoncinis
  9. i) Half a cup of sour cream
  10. j) A quarter cup of pepperoncini juice
  11. k) A quarter cup of cold water


The first step is to season your beef chuck steak with salt and pepper. Next, pour the canola oil over the skillet and let it heat over medium high heat before putting in the steak. You should leave it to sear in the hot oil up until both of its sides turn golden brown.

Take the roast out of the skillet and place it on the crock-pot. Sprinkle it with pepperoncini juice and pepper as well as the dressing mix before dotting its top with butter. Once everything is set, put the crock-pot's lid on and let it cook on HIGH or LOW for 3.5-4 or 6-8 hours respectively. Alternatively, you can let it cook up until the roast becomes fork tender.

After the roast has attained your preferred level of tenderness, remove it from the crock-pot and drain off all of the excess cooking juices into a sauce pan. To remove excess fat, skim the top.

Making sour cream spiked gravy for the roast

Add two cups of beef broth into the juices and bring the mixture to boil. While the broth mixture continues to boil, thoroughly mix one tablespoon of cornstarch with water and gently pour it over the mixture. Stir continuously up until the mixture thickens.

Finish off by removing the thickened broth from heat and stirring in half a cup of sour cream. At this point, your broth will be ready for serving.

How to serve rancher's roast beef

Normally, the above broth (sour cream spiked gravy) is served over the rancher's roast beef - sliced or shredded.

In terms of what side dishes go well with rancher's roast beef, you can choose to go with either rice or mashed potatoes.