Buying a New Freezer

13-09-09 freezer ice 535x535

There are lots of reasons to consider buying a new freezer or refrigerator. Newer models are more energy-efficient and offer better storage options. Often the money saved on energy costs will offset the price of the unit within a year or two. A larger unit will give you plenty of extra space, allowing you to store more pre-made meals and buy sale items in bulk.

If you are thinking about replacing the refrigerator that you have, or perhaps buying a stand-alone unit, there are a few things you should consider in advance.

Have you decided that what you really need is an extra freezer in the garage? If so, you will have to choose between an upright or chest style. A chest style is more energy-efficient and costs less, but it will not give you the easy access to food that an upright will. The second thing to consider is whether to choose manual defrost or self-defrost ("frost free"). It is recommended to leave space between food items in a self-defrost unit for more efficient air flow. A chest style unit will usually hold more, but they are time intensive and usually should be defrosted monthly.

Or maybe you have decided that you want an updated refrigerator with more frozen storage than you now have. The French door style is all the rage at the moment. These new models are quickly replacing the side-by-side. Many feel the side-by-side space is too narrow, which makes it difficult for storing larger items. The French door model has one wide freezer drawer at the bottom. The upper section consists of two doors that open outwards from the middle. Instead of having the width of the unit split in two, the French door opens up to one easy access, large storage space, yet this model takes up less space overall in your kitchen. And of course the more cost effective traditional models with the freezer on top are always an option.

Clearly there are many options to consider before you make the final purchase. If you go out shopping armed with all the right information, you are sure to make the choice that works well for your family. Once you have your new appliance, you can start thinking about all the ways it will save you time and money. Freezing meals that you have cooked in advance will make your day-to-day life so much simpler.