4 Easy No-Cook Breakfast

If it were possible, we'd all give anything and probably everything to have someone serve us breakfast in bed, or wake up to the smell of bacon, pancakes and coffee. But all these are mere wishes for reality-wise, cooking breakfast is one of the hardest tasks there are. All this is due to the fact that a majority of us barely ever have enough time to eat breakfast, let alone fix some. This though doesn't mean that you should leave the house without putting something in your stomach. Instead, you should devise alternative breakfast options that don't require cooking. Some cool examples of no-cook breakfast options that you can borrow include:

Easy No-Cook Breakfast

1) FRUITS, NUTS AND YOGURT: This combination is highly encouraged as it presents one with abundant amounts of vitamins, protein, fiber and minerals all at once. What makes it even more awesome is that, you can eat your breakfast on your way to work or school. Perfect examples of fruits and nuts to adopt include an apple and a banana plus some cashew and macadamia nuts.

Another alternative to eating your fruits and nuts would be by bringing along Greek yogurt - which is highly rich in protein and, sprinkling in a few berries such as rasp and blackberries and maybe some granola.

You may also create yogurt parfait by simply adding a layer of your favorite yogurt in a cup, followed by a sliced fruit, then a few nuts and granola, and another layer of yogurt…till the cup is filled.

2) SMOOTHIES: From the very young to the very old, everyone seems to be a huge fan of smoothies. And, since they are as nutritious and as healthy as any other cooked meal, why not have them for breakfast? Despite being easy to make, it's wise that you make them beforehand and refrigerate them so that come morning, you won't have a lot to do. You may similarly add all the ingredients in the blender's pitcher beforehand so that in the morning, the only thing you'll be required to do is puree them.

3) CEREALS: Cereals with milk are the ultimate lifesavers. Now that the market is over flooded with different types of cereals, there's no way you can ever miss to find one that will best satisfy your taste buds. However, instead of relying on plain cereal and milk for breakfast, you should also include a whole fruit like an apple or banana. Also, you may go ahead and add a few berries or nuts into your cereal or even, add a bit of honey to sweeten it.

4) LEFTOVERS: If it was good enough for dinner, then it's definitely going to be good enough for breakfast. And so, whenever you have some left over pizza, spaghetti, meat loaf or chicken fingers, you shouldn't find it weird serving them for breakfast, though after re-heating them. However, to give the leftovers a breakfast look and feel; serve them with a glass of milk and a fruit on the side.