Six Terrific Lunchbox Ideas

Lunchbox Ideas

Kids are notoriously picky eaters. The apple's too soft; the sandwich is too soggy; the soup got cold in the thermos. It's hard to get them to eat healthy when they're surrounded by other kids whose parents pack bags of chips, candy, and sugary juice boxes. But we've got six terrific lunchbox ideas that even the pickiest eaters are sure to love.

Macaroni and Cheese With Tuna and Old Bay

Kids naturally love mac 'n' cheese. It's a staple food of dinner, and was recently ranked the most popular food in Canada. But there are ways to sneak healthy foods in there. You can add tuna or peas into macaroni and cheese, which gives your kid a boost of nutrients.

One of the best ways to disguise tuna or peas in mac 'n' cheese is by using spices that your kid will notice first. Old Bay or a Cajun spice will attract your kid's attention more than the canned fish or peas or carrots. For adults, it's also a delicious way to get your nutrients by adding healthy food to a childhood favorite.

Heart-Shaped, Non-Soggy Sandwiches

The main complaint about kids' sandwiches is that peanut butter and jelly get soggy, turning into a mushy mess by noon. But if you use non-soggy foods, like plain wheat bread with slices of turkey and cheese, the sandwich won't become soggy in your kid's lunchbox. The best part? If you eliminate condiments like mayonnaise, your kid won't get a soggy, calorie-laden sandwich.

You can also cut the sandwich into a little heart shape, or really any shape that you're capable of making. This makes the sandwich more exciting to eat for your kid. Got a budding astronomer? Shape the sandwich into a little star. They'll be so amazed by the shape that they'll definitely eat it.

Freshly Cut Fruit With Toothpicks

Kids view fruit as a convenience item. If they have to peel an orange, they may not take the time to actually do it. If you provide cubes of pineapple, cantaloupe, or other fruits and stick a toothpick in each one, it makes eating fruit more fun.

Cheese and Sausage Sticks

It's kind of like eating a mini cheeseburger: meat with fresh cheese. Cut cheese into sticks and add sausages alongside. The trick? You can use vegetable sausages and your kid will probably never know. You can also use fresh organic cheese instead of processed options.

Banana Muffins

You can make very healthy muffins with low sugar that your kids are sure to love. For a little sweet taste, you can add macadamia nuts to the muffins that your kids could mistake for white chocolate. You can use any type of flour- whether it's regular, rice, or a gluten-free option.

Dried Apple and Banana Chips

Dried apples are fun for your kid to make, so he or she will be more likely to eat them. Just cut the apple into thin slices, hang it up to dry, and wait for a week or so. Banana chips are also an easy way to get a fruit serving.

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