5 Green Detox Drinks You Have to Try

Detox DrinksThough human kidneys are designed to naturally detox our bodies, consuming detox drinks is considered to be more than just a wise idea. This is because such drinks help in enabling it to function better, supplies our bodies with nutrients that's its craving and, gives our digestive system a break from constantly breaking and digesting food. Though you may already have a favorite green juice, smoothie or tea, here are 5 green detox drinks you have to try:

1) Green Goddess:

With parsley being one of the key ingredients, green goddess is a great diuretic drink hence perfect to have when you are feeling bloated or have other digestive-related problems. This drink further aids in fighting cancer for the glycoglycerolipids present in spinach have anti-cancer properties and not mentioning the presence of Vitamins A and C which promotes healthy skin.

To make green goddess, you'll need spinach leaves, stalk celery, parsley and cucumber. Put all of these ingredients in a blender and puree till smooth.


Drinking matcha green tea latte, which basically consists of powdered green tea leaves, is bound to instantly give you a kick of energy with no caffeine overload. It also contains abundant amounts of antioxidants hence, helps in reducing inflammation and boosting one's immunity.

To make some, heat a cupful of unsweetened vanilla almond milk to 165 degrees, put some matcha powder in a mug, pour a quarter cupful of almond milk, whisk till frothy and then, add the remaining almond milk.


What makes this drink exceptional is its ability to enhance the absorption of iron as well as increase one's metabolic rate. This only happens when one combines a pineapple with spinach, lime and cayenne pepper.

Tropical greens delight is made by combining frozen mango and pineapple chunks with unsweetened coconut water, leafy greens such as collard greens and/or spinach, lime juice and cayenne pepper before blending them till smooth or for about one minute.


Berry green bliss is an all inclusive detox drink for its highly rich in antioxidants and other than that, is rich in protein and fat hence capable of keeping you full for longer as well as sustaining your energy.

To make some, mix and blend frozen banana chunks with baby spinach, cucumber, frozen blueberries, chia seeds, almond butter and unsweetened almond milk.


What makes this smoothie the perfect detoxifying drink is the fact it aids in flushing out toxins as well as fighting free radicals and reducing inflammation.

To make a green detox smoothie, you'll need peeled and diced kiwi fruit, diced apple, lime juice, celery, spinach, honey and ice. When all are ready, put them in a blender and let them puree till completely smooth.


These five detox drinks are not only worth trying but also, worth including in your day to day lifestyle. For optimal results, be alternating them.

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