The Best Freezer Containers  To Protect Your Food

Freezer Containers  To Protect Your Food

The better the quality of your food containers, the better your frozen foods will stay fresh. You get what you pay for! Do you really want to throw your food out due to freezer burn or oxidation? Didn’t think so. So get good stuff. Fortunately, not all of the better containers are expensive. Consider aluminum foil and freezer bags for example.


What features to look for in freezer containers

Above all else, your containers have to be moisture and vapor proof. That will prevent the freezer burn, keep odors in and prevent oxidation. Be sure the labels say “freezer quality” or “freezer safe.” You should try to keep a variety of container types in supply, such as rigid, plastic or metal containers, as well as flexible ones like freezer bags and aluminum foil. Keeping some disposable bakeware on hand is also a good idea.


Types of freezer storage containers

Vacuum sealers-great for long term. Use the bags and vacuum to suck the air right out. You can see the contents and they are great for meat and produce.


Silicone pans- a new concept. Great for high or low temps. You can freeze foods and then go straight to the oven. They’re flexible, so use with a cookie sheet.

Freezer bags-everyone knows about these and you can use them for anything. They’re cheap, so just throw them away when you’re done.


Glass bakeware containers-have to be freezer grade. Some will crack, but good ones will go straight from freezer to oven. And they’re re-usable.

Metal pans-These do fine in the freezer, but it’s an expensive proposition when your pans can’t be used because they’re in the freezer. These can also go straight to the oven without thawing.


Rigid plastic containers- come in a variety of price and quality. Great for freezing liquids. Good ones go from freezer to oven and are dishwasher safe. Some are even oven safe.


Aluminum pans-disposable freezer containers and they work great for give away meals. They’re flexible, so use a cookie sheet underneath. Cheap enough to throw away, but you can re-use them if need be.


Freezer wrap-new to the market. Similar to Saran Wrap but in a higher grade suitable for the freezer. And you can see what’s in it.


Aluminum foil-perfect for covering and wrapping odd shapes. It can be reused and recycled.


Freezer paper-kind of like kraft paper with a plastic side. Great for awkward sizes. Butchers actually use it a lot.


Not everything is a freezer quality container

Remember, good containers keep food fresh and not all containers will do that. Don’t ever use waxed paper, plastic wrap or plastic bags in the freezer. The plastic bag that your bread comes in just won’t cut it. Good freezer containers are an investment. Slowly build your collection over time.


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