A New Twist on Mom’s Old Recipe

Old Recipes

Two of my favorite vegetables are potatoes and green beans.  They are an unlikely pair, but I recently created an innovative dish where the two complement each other perfectly.  The recipe has its roots in the Hungarian cooking tradition since it includes paprika, and my mother has been making a variation of it for years.  We refer to it simply as “fried potatoes,” but they really aren’t that at all.  They are much, much more.  (And healthier than they sound.)

Imagine a chilly, fall afternoon when you are trying to decide what to cook for dinner.  You decide to throw some steaks and barbeque chicken on the grill, but what will you make to go with it?  You rummage through your refrigerator and pantry finding, among other things, green beans and potatoes.  You usually cook the two separately, but tonight, you decide to get creative and blend them together.


Red-eye potatoes – 6 potatoes
Onion – 1 large onion
Parsley – 1 cup, chopped
Green beans – 2 cups
Canola oil – 2 tablespoons


 Coat a frying pan in Canola oil and add in your chopped onion.  Cook on medium until onion is browned.  In the meantime, boil potatoes until they are soft but firm and cut them into slices.  You don’t want them perfectly ready to serve because they will cook more in the frying pan.  Once your onion is browned, add the sliced potatoes to the frying pan.  Then, season with salt and pepper and a liberal amount of paprika.

You will also need to boil green beans until they are just right to eat.  When the potatoes are browned, but not quite finished, add the green beans to the mixture.  Season once again with salt, pepper and paprika.  About five minutes before you are ready to take the potato and green bean dish off of the stove, add one cup of chopped parsley.

Mom’s “fried potatoes” are surely more than just fried potatoes, especially when you add green beans.  This dish would be best served as a side to a simple chicken or beef recipe or even a good steak.  The potatoes give it a hearty feel while the green beans and parsley make it taste fresh.  Give it a try and taste for yourself.