Quick Energizing Breakfast Recipes

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If you just woke up hangovered (sic), woke up at dawn to hit the gym, are currently recuperating or want to jump-start your day, the only way of making this possible is by having an energizing breakfast. Basically, such a breakfast encompasses foods that contain high amounts of healthy carbohydrates, fats and proteins. To get the best out of them, here are 5 quick energizing breakfast recipes that you should give a try:

Sunny-Side Up Eggs

When making sunny-side up eggs for four, you'll need fours slices of bread, four anchovies, four eggs, Parmesan cheese shavings, olive oil, lemon, capers, black pepper, coarse sea salt and kale. To make the eggs, start by sprinkling cheese over the bread and heating in the toaster till it melts. Over medium high heat, heat the olive oil, add anchovies and mash till a paste forms. Add kale, season with salt and pepper and wait till the leaves become soft and bright green and stems tender. When done, remove and serve beside the toast. In another skillet, add a tablespoon of olive oil, heat over medium high heat and crack the eggs directly over the pan. Let them cook for 2-5 minutes. When done, serve your eggs with the greens and have them topped with cheese and capers. Also, add a squeeze of olive oil and lemon juice and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Yogurt Parfait

Other than being an energizing breakfast food, yogurt parfait makes breakfasts less boring. To prepare a cupful, you'll need low fat plain yogurt, two tablespoons of dried fruit and flaxseed meal, unsalted raw almonds or walnuts, sugar and ground cinnamon. Start by stirring flaxseed meal, nuts and dried fruit into the yogurt and finish off by sprinkling sugar and cinnamon at the top. Alternatively, you can choose to create a layered parfait; flaxseed meal at the bottom followed by a later of yogurt, dried fruit and then another layer of yogurt and finally nuts followed by a more yogurt.

Almonds Butter and Bacon Sandwich

To make this delicacy, you'll need three pieces of whole grain bread, natural almond butter, bacon, olive oil, tart apple and coarse sea salt. When making the sandwich, you'll be required to first toast two slices of bread before spreading them with butter. Next, lay the apple over the butter and top each piece with crisp bacon. Finish off by drizzling some olive oil and sea salt on the bacon and assembling your sandwich - with the plain slice in the middle.

Fancy Fresh Toast

To make fancy French toast, you'll need two slices of whole grain bread, an egg, low fat milk, canola oil, canola margarine, low calorie syrup and cinnamon. While the pan heats with margarine and canola oil, beat and combine the egg with milk and cinnamon. Dip the bread into the egg mix and toast over a pan till it turns golden on both sides. When done, top with syrup and serve.

Re-hydration Ginger-Mango Smoothie

This quick energizing breakfast recipe demands that you use low fat vanilla yogurt (gives a creamy and thick texture), peeled and chopped mango (adds a sweet flavor), soft tofu, chopped crystallized ginger, flaxseed oil, ground flaxseed and cardamom. To make the smoothie, put all of these ingredients in the blender and puree till smooth.



Scrambled Eggs with Cheese and English Muffins

Scrambled eggs with cheese and English muffins are what many would regard as the perfect breakfast delicacy. Not only is this combination too yummy but is also highly rich in a wide range of nutrients thus, excellent for both kids and adults. So how easy or hard is it to make this super delicious dish? All there is to learn about preparing them is to follow this simple recipe:


To make the muffins, you only need seven ingredients. These include:

  1. a) Olive oil or butter
  2. b) Cheddar cheese
  3. c) Salt and pepper
  4. d) English muffins
  5. e) Green onion
  6. f) Large eggs
  7. g) Milk

Cooking the scrambled eggs

To enable you make the perfect scrambled eggs, you'll need to beat the eggs in to a bowl and thoroughly mix them with milk, salt and pepper. Next, in a large non-stick skillet, heat the butter over medium heat until hot before pouring in the egg mixture. Once the eggs start to set, use an inverted turner to pull them across the skillet. Doing this causes them to form larger yet softer curds. As they continue to cook, keep on pulling, lifting and folding them, till all liquid egg remains disappear and the eggs become fully thickened.

Scrambled Eggs with Cheese

Preparing the cheese and muffins

The only requirement needed in preparing your cheese is to have it grated. You can do this before starting to cook the eggs or while toasting the muffins.

In terms of the English muffins, you can spice them up a little by toasting them. To do this, first slice them in halves and lay them on a baking sheet before putting them in the oven (at 350 degrees) for about 10 minutes.

Making the sandwich

To make the perfect scrambled eggs with cheese and English muffins, you'll need to take the first half of the muffin, add some cheese on top of it, then the egg and lastly, the other half of the muffin. In case you'd like to add more flavor to your muffins, you can add a tiny smear of butter or even more pepper or hot sauce. Similarly, you can top with diced herbs or in this case, green onion to garnish the sandwich.

At this point, you can start enjoying your stuffed muffin or, can stick it/them back to the oven for a few minutes so as to melt the cheese or warm them up. In case you'd like to store them for later, stick them onto a baking sheet and put them in the freezer - unwrapped and uncovered, for about 1-2 hours. Doing so will enable them lose excess moisture hence freeze a bit. After this, you can go ahead and wrap them using a plastic wrap or foil.

- The reason why people are discouraged from heating these muffins in the microwave is that, microwaving them makes them soggy and well, no one likes eating soggy sandwiches.



The Ultimate Protein Smoothie Recipes

Oatmeal and eggs may be great breakfast foods, but there's no better way to start your day than a great protein-packed smoothie. It boosts energy, aids in critical thinking, and keeps you full until your lunch break. You can include fruits and vegetables in there to get your daily nutrients. Whether you're trying to build muscle or lose weight, protein is a great way to help you get in shape.

An ideal way to make a protein smoothie is to use fruits, vegetables, soy or almond milk, and a little scoop of protein powder if you want. You can get protein powder at your local grocery store or pharmacy. If you're not into using a powder, the smoothies themselves provide a good amount of protein from the soy and almond milk alone.


Sarah's Protein Smoothie

This is the ultimate breakfast protein smoothie. You're getting over ten grams of protein plus two servings of fruits and vegetables. You can also add in protein powder for a little extra boost; the soy milk and ice cubes keep it from getting that grainy texture. Blend and enjoy!

  • Toss a handful of spinach, two cups of soy milk, and a banana into the blender. Blend for a minute.
  • Add ice cubes to cool it down and put it on the "crush" setting for a minute. If you don't have an "ice crush" setting, just blend for an additional few minutes.
  • You can add protein powder in here for a little extra kick.


Blueberry and Kale Protein Smoothie


This combines the protein of almond milk plus the nutrients and antioxidants found in berries and kale.

  • Blend a cup of frozen blueberries, a cup of kale, and two cups of soy milk or almond milk.
  • Add two ice cubes if it's not cool enough, but the blueberries should cool it down pretty effectively.


Strawberry and Egg White Protein Smoothie

Egg whites are another great way to get more protein into your diet. If you don't have the time every morning to make an egg white omelet, you can always throw some egg whites into your smoothie.

  • Blend 2/3 cup egg whites, one and a half cups of strawberries, a cup of ice cubes, and a few teaspoons of mint or fresh basil.
  • If it's not sweet enough, you can always add organic honey or maybe even a little bit of brown sugar.


Greek Yogurt Protein Smoothie

We all know the benefits of Greek yogurt: it's a high-protein, low-fat food loaded with helpful probiotics for digestion. You can also use it in smoothies as a replacement for soy milk or almond milk.

  • Combine a cup and a half of Greek yogurt with two cups of fresh or frozen fruit. Blend on high.
  • Add ice cubes if you're using fresh fruit.


You can also customize these recipes for your taste to make the ultimate protein smoothies for you and your family. If blueberries are in season, you can substitute them for strawberries or another ingredient. It's fun to experiment with protein smoothies for a healthy breakfast.



Breakfast in Advance

13-11-4 granola bar 900x600

3 Breakfasts That Can Be Made Ahead of Time

Busy moms sometimes don't have time to prepare healthy breakfasts for their kids, or themselves. But you don't want to have to buy pre-made items from the store, either. There are meals you can make ahead of time that you can freeze or keep for a long time in the refrigerator.

1.  Granola Bars

Granola bars use oatmeal, butter, sugar and fruit to combine and make a bar that you can freeze to keep ready for a long time. Recipes can be found all over the Internet for homemade granola bars. Mix in some flax seeds or wheat germ for an extra punch.The ingredients you need to keep on hand to make granola bars are items you would keep on hand anyway. They are oatmeal, rice cereal, some kind of chopped nuts, some dried fruit, a sweet syrup such as honey, sugar, and some flavoring like vanilla, salt or cinnamon. The process usually involves mixing the dry ingredients, warming up the sweet ingredients, then mixing the two and placing them in a pan to bake.

2.  Trail Mixes

Trail mixes are incredibly easy to make and use some of the same ingredients as the granola bars. This won't add much to your pantry and will allow you to create quick breakfasts to send your kids out with that they will find fun.

Trail mixes usually start with some kind of cereal. Things like Chex or Life make great additions to trail mix. Then add some of your children's favorite nuts and fruit. Our family favorites include dried pineapple, yogurt raisins, peanuts and almonds. If you want to go savory, add come Cheez-it crackers or pieces of pretzels. To sweeten up the mix a little, add some M&Ms or chocolate covered peanuts. You can also make it ahead and keep it in a large container so it can be scooped into sandwich or snack sized bags to eat on the go.

3.  Sausage and Egg Biscuits

My family's favorite breakfast is sausage and eggs biscuits. But we don't like the store bought kind. Usually I will make my grandmother's recipe of buttermilk biscuits on the weekend. I will buy some sausage from the store. And then I make my own version of scrambled eggs that my family loves. I put it all together, add a little cheese, and then stick them in the smallest zip-top bags I can find. I make sure to get rid of as much air as possible and then I put them in the freezer. It only takes about one to two minutes in the microwave to have a scrumptious breakfast in the mornings. You can obviously replace the sausage with ham or other protein your family prefers.

These three meals will have you looking like "Super Mom" every morning.