Favorite Fall Desserts to Make With Your Child

Hurray, fall is here! Now is that time of year of being cozy by the fire and making plans for the holiday season. No doubt your children are already getting bundled up and ready to drink some hot cocoa. Perhaps they may also like to make some dessert with you. They do?! Well then, here are a few simple desserts you can make with your children!


No, these are not real acorns. They’re the dessert kind! All you need is some Hershey kisses, mini vanilla wafers for the tops, and some peanut butter to be used as glue. A tasty treat to make and no cooking required! You can also use them as decorations on cakes or cupcakes.

Rice Crispy Turkey

Basically, you make your own rice crispy but roll it into a ball. Then some licorice, marshmallows, some candy corn and some Hershey chocolates for eyes and design your own turkey! The licorice is for the tail, the candy corn for the beak and wings, and with some toothpicks you can have the eyeballs and use the chocolates for eyes.

Pilgrim Hat Cookies

simple desserts you can make with your childrenFor this all you need are some mini peanut butter cups, orange frosting, and some chocolate cookies. You can use any chocolate cookie you like. Simply put the peanut butter cups upside down on the hats. Maybe use a little peanut butter for clue to keep it there. And then with the frosting design the cookies to look like little pilgrim hats. A very simple treat that kids are bound to love.

Peanut Butter Pumpkin Cookies

You just need to make basic peanut butter cookies. But before putting the cookies in the oven roll them in orange sugar crystals so they look more like pumpkins. Stick half of a pretzel stick for the stem. After they’re done baking and cool down you’re going to need some green frosting. Make a small green leaf beside your “stem” to complete your master creation for a tasty treat. Sure to be a hit when Halloween rolls around.

Cornucopia Snacks

For this snack all you need are some bugle chips, white icing, and Trix cereal. Spread some of the white icing on the open end of the bugle. Then have your children put the Trix cereal on the icing part of the bugle. You can make several of these snacks to your heart’s desire provided you don’t run out of ingredients. These are no doubt going to be popular among the children and adults alike.

These are some of the easiest recipes you and your child can make together. But feel free to experiment! Perhaps using Oreo cookies or different candies in place of using candy corn to get different results from the desserts you make. These are just a few basic ideas to help you get started and enjoying the fall season with your child. We wish you the best of luck and have fun making these awesome treats this holiday season!

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