Repurposing Beef Broth

Broths and stocks are absolute wonders for cooking with.  They can add amazing richness and flavor with almost no effort and are considered a staple by countless chefs and home cooks.  The other great thing about broths is their versatility and their ability to be reused.  Rich, dark, savory beef broth is one of the best broths you can repurpose due to the number of things you can use it for.

Different Forms

Beef brother can be store-bought or even homemade.  A broth made from roasted bones and vegetables is truly a delight due to the deep flavor and beautiful color you get from a homemade broth.  Yet many commercial options are available and at long last reduced sodium and even unsalted broths are on store shelves.  Canned/boxed broth and granules or cubes are convenient but they are often very high in sodium.  Beef broth base or starter can be used and since they are so concentrated a little goes a long way.  There are even unsalted and organic beef broth base products readily available which are great for cooking with.  Once you have found the product that is the most convenient and versatile for you it’s time to start cooking.

Repurposing Beef Broth

Different Foods

I don’t know how other people might prepare a corned beef brisket, but roasted for hours in a slow cooker surrounded by a liquid of beef broth and dark beer yields a succulent result.  Whatever you do keep that wonderful stock after you remove the brisket!  The flavors and juices from the meat plus the delicious spices have completely infused the broth and you have an invaluable cooking liquid.  This leftover broth makes a divine and uncommonly rich beef stew, a perfect repurposing of beef broth.

Some grains and vegetables are fantastic cooked in beef stock, particularly green beans and potatoes.  Other savory side dishes that cook up beautifully in the broth include rice or even a classic risotto Milanese.  If beef stroganoff is on the menu, cook the noodles in the beef broth and/or use it to make the sauce.  Not only will repurposing beef broth give you amazing flavors it will help out with your budget.


In addition to beef stew, leftover beef broth can be used as a base for other hearty soups.  Try it in a vegetable beef soup with or without barely.  You can even make a delicious steak and potato soup with chunks of stew meat and large chunks of potatoes.  Leftover beef broth also makes a wonderful chili that gives a depth of flavor guaranteed to please almost any palette.


If you have a lot of leftover beef broth but are unsure of what to do with it your freezer is your friend.  Broth freezes and reheats very well meaning it will be ready for use when you are.  Just pour it into a sealable bag, container, or even ice cube trays to freeze it until you need to use it.  Once you have started using beef broth instead of water you will most likely consider it you new “go-to” seasoning staple.