Homemade Baked Beans

Homemade Baked Beans

Baked beans are a healthy, wholesome, and classic food that is served all across the nation. Legumes are a great way to get of protein, vitamins, fiber, fat, and protein. Not only that, but baked beans have a sweet yet earthy taste and smell will make your loved ones salivate. Baked beans make an excellent side dish that compliments almost any meal, especially lunch and dinner. There’s always canned baked beans at the ready in grocery stores, but you can also make them from scratch. You have much more control over the ingredients to personalize the recipe to suit your personal preferences.

What Type of Beans to Use

In order to make a little over 10 servings of baked beans, you’ll need up to one pound of dried beans. These can be any kind of beans you like, but the dry beans that are used the most are haricot beans which are more commonly referred to as navy beans or Great Northern beans. Aside from the navy beans, you’ll also need one or two cups of diced onions (large), ¼ cup of maple syrup (option), ½ cup of brown sugar, six tablespoons of ketchup, a half or full cup of molasses, and a half pound of bacon strips. Turkey bacon works just as well with the added benefit of being less dense in calories and more nutritious than pork bacon. You can also use regular pork instead. Additionally, you will also need 7 to 8 cups of water, a large casserole dish, and a Dutch oven to cook them in.

Baked Bean Recipe

To start off, preheat the Dutch oven to 350 degree fahrenheit or 175 degrees celsius. Be sure to soak the dried navy beans in order to wash away any dirt or bacteria from their surfaces before putting them into the water to cook. Once the Dutch oven is fully heated, pour the water into the oven along with the beans and mix them before covering the top. After bringing the beans into a rolling boil, reduce the heat, uncover the Dutch oven, and let the beans simmer for an hour or until they are cooked to your satisfaction.

While the beans are cooking, dice the onion(s) into small, fine pieces and cut the bacon strips into halves, quarters, crumbles, or any other size that you prefer.  After that, fry the bacon strips until they are totally cooked and crispened to your liking. Once the beans are done, drain them before placing them back into the pot. From thereon, add the freshly-diced onions to the beans along with the molasses and/or maple syrup, ketchup, and brown sugar. Stir the ingredients until they are fully blended together. Reheat them if necessary.

Put the beans into the large casserole dish. Be sure to spread the mixture all around the casserole dish evenly so that it fully covers and fills the entire dish. Afterwards, sprinkle the bacon or pork on top and pat it into the bean mixture with a spatula or spoon. Once that’s all done, enjoy!

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