Meal Plans & Kits

Would you like a "no-brainer" way to plan and serve quick, healthy and inexpensive meals for your families? Check out a few of my favorite meal planning services.

  • Dine Without Whine is a family friendly meal planning service that offers weekly recipes along with "ready to go" shopping lists. This program offers a free trial.
  • Kid Approved Meals is an ebook that offers breakfast and lunch options. Included in this e-book are 13 weeks of menus and grocery shopping lists. This is a perfect meal planning option for stay at home moms, daycare providers and homeschoolers.
  • Healthy Menu Mailer offers weekly menus and categorized grocery shopping lists for families that are searching for healthy, tasty and low-fat recipes.
  • Menu Planning Central is an all-inclusive site that features everything listed above along with vegetarian meal options. This option offers "My Menu Maker" software that will allow you to create your own personalized menu plan based upon your families' food preferences and dietary needs. This option also offers a private community forum.
  • More Thyme - Meal Mixer : As Featured in Real Simple Magazine - Family Edition: What You Get: This is the most detailed planner available. A weekly menu, complete with side dishes and nutritional tips, arrives in your in-box early each week. It's the only service here that lets you upload your own recipes into the weekly rotation and shopping list. Swap recipes you don't like with those you do, from an easily searchable archive or from your 'favorites' box, or revert to a previous week's plan your family swooned over.