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The first time I tried OAMC I really didn't pay attention to the foods that do...and don't freeze well.  Needless to say, I wasn't thrilled with my sloppy lasagna and rubbery egg salad.

This is a wonderful site to review before starting your OAMC adventure.  Read it...memorize it and ENJOY your meals!  =)

Foods That Do Not Freeze Well | Food and Nutrition Solutions

It’s 6pm – Do You Know Where Your Dinner is?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to eat fast-food every night? I am not talking about the greasy, fatty, drive-through kind. What if you could simply grab a complete, healthy meal from your freezer...pop it in the oven and read a magazine, play with your kids or chill out in front of the television while your meal is cooking?

Think about your upcoming month for a moment. Do you have nine or ten hours you could devote to a day of cooking and another two or three hours for shopping and preparation? That's about thirteen hours total to save you the equivalent of a full-time work week.

Think about how much time you spend grocery shopping and preparing lunches and dinners for your families. Personally, I shopped for at least an hour weekly plus random stops at stores to pick up ingredients I'd forgotten (about 10 hours total). I typically spend at least an hour per day preparing meals (lunches, breakfasts and dinner). That's about forty five hours total. So, how does nine hours of cooking and three hours of shopping sound to you now?

When I was a newlywed, my husband worked odd hours and so did I. I often worked overnight shifts, and he worked twelve-hour shifts. Needless to say, we spent a lot of time saying, "hello...and goodbye" to one another as we ran out the door for work.

Since I wanted to have meaningful meals with my new hubbie, I decided to give once a month cooking a try. It was a life-saver. After a long Saturday afternoon of shopping, chopping, baking, cleaning and nibbling...I had enough meals to feed my husband and I for a month. It was wonderful. When he would get home late for work, I would pop a meal in the oven for him. If I was running late to my shift, he would "make dinner" for me too.

We were finally able to have sit-down dinners (albeit often rushed). We stopped eating fast foods. We both lost weight and we saved hundreds of dollars both on our grocery bills and by eliminating last minute restaurant and fast food stops.

If you are reluctant to jump into once a month cooking with two feet, take some baby steps first. What about creating a two-week menu? How about pre-cooking your family meals one week in advance?

Chances are, you are growing tired of "just add meat" helpers, "cream of whatever" soup concoctions, fast food "value meals" and greasy pizzas. Therefore you owe it to your family, your health and your waistline to give it a try.

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Boiled Ground Beef

Okay, I'll admit...I gagged a bit when I first heard of this little cooking trick. I love the sizzle of frying burgers, taco meat & meatballs. Undercooked meat scares me. The sizzle means it's safe. ( least in my simple little world).

I changed my mind. My husband and I ordered a fourth of a cow from a local farm. Within a few days we will have a freezer plump full of meats (mostly ground beef). I was hoping to find some quick and easy ways to prepare items like stroganoff, spaghetti, lasagnas, and other recipes that require ground beef.

I found this article from about boiling beef. While I wasn't crazy about the idea at first...I am going to give it a try and will let you know how it turns out.

In the meantime, if you've tried it...drop us a note in the comments section.