Heathy Crock Pot Roast Recipes

If there was ever an ideal purpose for a Crock Pot (or any slow cooker) it is to slowly cook a roast to tender perfection.  While your classic pot roast is definitely an option, there are scores of other classic roast recipes you can prepare in a slow cooker.  Here are some timeless choices that will either have you plugging in your Crock Pot or running out to buy one.

Perfect Pot Roast

For this recipes and most roasts you will need a six-quart cooker to give the meat and vegetables adequate room to simmer in the cooking liquid.  Start with a four-pound beef chuck roast, 3 cups of reduced-sodium beef broth, 1 cup of red wine, and various vegetables such as turnips, potatoes, carrots, celery, garlic, onions, shallots, and tomatoes.  The vegetables can be any array of your liking.  Place the meat and vegetables in the slow cooker, cover with liquids, then add bay leaves, fresh thyme (whole sprigs), and a half cup of coarsely chopped parsley leaves.  Cook on low for eight hours and you have a one pot meal.  Strain the broth and use it to make a gravy for the roast but be sure to save any additional liquid for a soup, stew, sauce, or even cooking rice.

Heathy Crock Pot Roast Recipes

Classic Roast Beef

Since the dry ingredients for this already have very high salt contents be sure to use unsalted beef broth for great flavor while keeping the sodium under control.  Place a four to five pound beef roast of any kind in a Crock Pot then mix together one pack of dry brown gravy mix, one pack of dry Italian salad dressing mix, and one pack of dry ranch dressing mix in a bowl.  Pat the dry rub on all exposed sections of the roast then add two cups of unsalted beef broth into the Crock Pot.  Depending on the size of the roast, it will need to cook for seven to nine hours on low heat.  At the seven and eight hour marks check the roast to make sure it does not become overcooked and rubbery.

Savory Pork Roast

You are not limited to beef roasts in a Crock Pot so consider trying a slow cooked pork roast for a change of pace.  You will need a four to five pound center cut pork roast, bay leaves, your choice of similar vegetables to those used in a pot roast, and two packages of dry pork gravy mix.  Rub the meat with the dry mix then add the roast, vegetables, a few bay leaves, and two cups of hot water to your Crock Pot.  Let everything cook on low for six to eight hours being sure to check the meat at six and seven hours to make sure it doesn’t get overdone.  Use the cooking liquid to make a rick pork gravy to serve over the roast and be sure to save the reserve as pork gravy is delicious over ham, pork chops, mashed potatoes, and even grits!




Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff

A New Take on a Classic:

There's no doubt that beef stroganoff is a well-loved classic that can be prepared in a multitude of different ways.  This creamy tangy favorite used to be a weekend only option due to the amount of time it can potentially take to prepare.  With the prevalence of slow cookers in kitchens across America, you can now make delicious beef stroganoff any night of the week with your favorite ingredients an put your own twist on a classic beef stroganoff.


You'll need 2 pounds of beef stew meat cut into one inch cube or smaller, 10 ounces of sliced fresh mushrooms, one can of cream of mushroom soup, one can of golden mushroom soup, 1 8 ounce container of sour cream, 1 cup of shredded Swiss cheese, and 1 8 ounce package of cubed cream cheese, and about half a teaspoon of ground white pepper.  Some people prefer garlic and/or onion in their beef stroganoff.  If you want to add these, use anywhere between 1 and 3 cloves of minced garlic, and ½ to 1 & ½ cups of chopped onion to taste.  You can also elect to use garlic or onion powders instead of the fresh ingredients.  This will yield 8 servings, adjust the quantities as needed for the number of servings you need.


Combine everything except the dairy products into a slow cooker and cover and cook on low heat for 8-10 hours, or until the beef is very tender.  Once this is done, stir in the sour cream, cream cheese, and Swiss cheese.  Mix until the cheeses are melted and everything is well combined into a sauce.  Serve immediately over cooked egg noodles.

Beef Stroganoff

Alternative Preparations:

For the beef, if you prefer, you can use short, thin strips of beef instead of cubes.  A boneless top round steak is a good cut to use, or, you can look for pre-cut beef strips that are ready to be cooked.  You can create a more gourmet stroganoff by substituting 1 & ½ pounds veal cut into 1 inch pieces and instead of a can of golden mushroom soup, use a can of cream of potato soup.  You can also add to the mixture 1 teaspoon of crushed dried thyme leaves if you wish.  If you are preparing the stroganoff with veal, you might want to consider using a more gourmet cheese selection than using basic Swiss cheese, such as Jarlsberg or gruyere.  Feel free to mix cheeses based on your own tastes.

Mixing Mushrooms:

Please don't think that you have to stick with traditional white mushrooms when making stroganoff.  To enhance flavor, mix in a variety of mushrooms, such as portabellas, creminis, shitakes, or even oyster mushrooms.  These will add a wonderful array of texture and rich flavors and aromas to the sauce.


If you don't already have one, slow cookers can be found on sale at national retailers for a very low price.  Why not pick on up and try this classic dish soon.



Slow Cooker Pepper Steak

Vegetable rich pepper steak is a hearty Asian-inspired favorite that can easily be prepared in a slow cooker.  These “fix it and forget it” appliances are great for busy people or to leave on while you are at work so you can come home to a hot meal.  Cooking pepper steak in a slow cooker gives great results and is a breeze to prepare.


Pepper steak is a simple dish so you don’t need fancy ingredients for stellar results.  To make it all you need is about two pounds of beef, beef broth, onions, bell peppers, and depending on which seasonings you prefer ginger, red pepper, soy sauce, and brown sugar.  You can add sweet and/or spicy to you pepper steak but also elect to keep it more of a pepper-infused flavor by just going with the vegetables.

Pepper steak


While the amount of ingredients that go into pepper steak can vary due to the amount of flavor you are looking for try these quantities to establish a basic guideline.  Start with 1 ½ to 2 pounds of boneless round top steak or two pounds of beef sirloin cut into 2-inch strips, two cups of beef broth, one teaspoon of minced garlic, 1 yellow onion sliced into rings, and two bell peppers (red, green, or both), cut into strips.  For additional seasonings base your measurements off of a quarter teaspoon of ground ginger, a quarter teaspoon of red pepper flakes, three tablespoons of soy sauce (reduced-sodium is a good choice), two tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce, and one teaspoon of light brown sugar.  Remember all of these seasonings can be altered to your preference


If you are planning on letting your pepper steak cook on its own accord in a slow cooker you can easily do much of the preparation the day or night before it goes into the cooker.  The peppers and onions can be cut ahead of time and the beef can be marinating in your preference of seasonings.  It is also a good idea to quickly sear the beef to brown it before putting it in the cooker.  Once more this is a step that can be done in advance.  If you like you can even put the browned beef back into the marinade and seasonings to really soak up some flavor.


When you are ready to start cooking your pepper steak transfer everything except the bell peppers into a slow cooker.  Cover and cook on low for five to six hours then add the bell peppers and cook an hour longer.  If you prefer your peppers more tender you can add them in earlier in order to cook then longer.  If the sauce is thinner than you would like simply mix together one tablespoon of cornstarch and one half cup of cold water and gradually stir this into the slow cooker then recover and cook on high for 20-30 minutes or until the sauce has thickened.  Serve the pepper steak over rice or chow mein noodles for a delicious Asian-style dinner.



Amazing Pork Tenderloin in the Slow Cooker

Slow cookers are amazing things. All they need is a few ingredients and time, and you’ve got a delicious meal just waiting for you to come home and enjoy. What’s really fantastic about them is that they’re so versatile. You don’t have to just make a stew every night, and you don’t need to suffer through the same flavors, the same ingredients, or even the same meats. It’s easy to try something new in a slow cooker, and it’s even better to find something new to enjoy. So try our amazing pork tenderloin in your slow cooker, and revamp your family dinner night!


2 lbs pork tenderloin
2 cups onion, sliced
½ cup water or meat broth of your choice
¾ cup red wine
3 tablespoons soy sauce
3 tablespoons minced garlic
Black Pepper to taste

Pork Tenderloin

How to Make

Place your tenderloin in the slow cooker so that it sits at the bottom in relative comfort, and pour the water, wine, and soy sauce over it, until it sits in the middle of a little pond. If you’re concerned about the red wine, don’t worry. The alcohol content of it is cooked away, so that this meal can be enjoyed by all ages. Place the onions, garlic, and black pepper along the top of the tenderloin, and cover with a lid. Cook in the slow cooker for 4 hours, or until a meat thermometer reads at least 145F. This will ensure your pork is fully cooked, inside and out. Pull out and serve!

Why a Slow Cooker?

While it might seem like it should be just as easy to stuff the tenderloin in the oven, sometimes we need more time, or less heat. If you are in a warm area, and struggling to remain cool, turning on the oven is probably the last idea on your list. An oven requires less time to cook, but you do have to keep an eye on the tenderloin during that time. With a slow cooker, you turn it on, set a timer, and go about your business, without having to worry. It’s simple and easy, keeps the heat source contained, and can be placed anywhere you need it.

If you really can’t keep your house cool, you can even plug it into a socket in your garage, just to make sure it won’t heat up your house at all! An oven requires a lot more energy, a lot more heat, and doesn’t contain it quite as well. It can also be a hassle to clean, takes time to preheat, and needs all sorts of anti-stick items and aluminum foil and what not. The slow cooker is simple. Just toss in the ingredients and put a lid on.

Try out this recipe whenever you next have the time, and learn why many people are falling in love with slow cookers all over again. It’s simple, it doesn’t take a lot of time or effort on your part, and you get it right every time!



Slow Cooker Lentil and Ham Soup

When we’re too busy to really cook up a great dinner, it might seem all too easy to just call for takeout. However, after a few days or weeks of this, you might notice a strain on your wallet and on your digestive system. It shouldn’t be so hard to just make a quick dinner, right? Right, but it might not taste all that great, and you’ll get sick of it eventually. Why not dust off your slow cooker and try this lentil and ham soup recipe? It’s easy to set up, easy to make, and it’s ready when you come home from work!


1 cup lentils
1 cup celery, chopped
1 cup carrots, chopped
1 cup onion, chopped
2 cloves minced garlic
1 ½ cups ham, diced and cooked
½ teaspoon dried basil
¼ teaspoon dried thyme
½ teaspoon dried oregano
1 bay leaf
¼ teaspoon black pepper
32 ounces chicken broth
1 cup water
8 teaspoons tomato sauce

ham soup

How to Make the Soup

There’s not much to it! In a 3 quart or larger slow cooker, combine all of your ingredients and stir them together. Set your cooker on low, put a lid on, and come back from work in 8-11 hours, ready to eat your latest creation!

Why a Slow Cooker Recipe?

Slow cookers may seem like they’re only for older people, and don’t have a lot of options, but they’re definitely making a comeback. Slow cookers can create soups, stews, even desserts while you’re not around. It does the cooking for you, and can help make your nights a lot less stressful. No more scrambling to find leftovers in the fridge just because you don’t feel like cooking, and no more stressing over what you can make in less than fifteen minutes. A slow cooker doesn’t have to be watched throughout the day, and you won’t have to worry about something being overcooked or burned. Most recipes will let you know how long it will take, and the food won’t burn as long as there is enough liquid in the cooker.

Slow cooker recipes are easy, mostly a list of ingredients to toss in and forget about. Once you come home after a stressful day, there’s nothing like the house smelling of a great soup, and the stress of finding dinner gone. You just have to come home, turn off the heat, and grab a bowl. With this slow cooker recipe, you’ll be set whether you have a large family or just yourself to feed, and any leftovers can be stored away for lunches. Trying out our famous lentil and ham soup will give you a flavorful stew that’s been well cooked while you were working, and will give you the nutrients you need. A soup with lentils and ham is just what you need after a long day at work, and with a flavorful ending, you’re sure to have a relaxing evening, and maybe even a great night’s sleep! It definitely couldn’t hurt, so go on and dust off your slow cooker before work!