Building the Ultimate Super Smoothie

Dessert... healthy beverage... could it actually be the same? Smoothie's are all the rage these days – a quick and easy option to get the nutrients the body needs while actually enjoying it! You do have to be careful though, because overloading these frosty beverages with sugar is all too common and not very beneficial. The best idea is to learn how to create a super smoothie and to stick with the formula to create consistently healthy and delicious drinks.

Choose Your Produce

Nobody really forgets about the fruit, it's where all the sugar comes from. People do tend to forget to add a veggie. This is a vital mistake. For your super smoothie, you'll want to add 1-2 fruits (depending on how sweet you want it), and 1-2 veggies. Keep in mind that most veggies won't alter over power the sweet taste from the fruit. Great options for both? Bananas will give you great taste and are a great source of fiber; berries will add a tart flavor and are great sources of antioxidants. Spinach and kale are great leafy green options that will boost immunity and aid provide dozens of added nutritional value.

Building the Ultimate Super Smoothie

Choose Your Base

You're not eating ice cream, and you're not drinking a juice; you'll need to add the right base to get it to a creamy texture that's just how you like it. Do this with items that add value, not take it away. Almond milk, coconut milk and water are great options to thin it out. You'll also want to add to the creaminess (and thicken it up) by adding things like your favorite nut butter, greek yogurt, ice cubes, and chia seeds.

Choose Some Added Flavor

If fruit alone doesn't quite cut it for you, you're welcome to add some flavor for your smoothie. Honey, maple syrup, cinnamon, figs and vanilla extract are all wonderful options for flavor, where just a little goes a long way. Be careful not to overload your smoothie, as these options all contain vast amounts of sugar. In small quantities, they're fine. In larger amounts, they negate the health benefits of your smoothie.

Choose Your Boost

To take your smoothie from healthy to super healthy, you'll need to add some highly nutritious super foods. Different foods will provide different benefits, so figure out what your motive is. Are you recovering after a tough workout? Are you wanting to boost your immune system? Looking for an extra source of omega-3 fatty acids, or trying to calm inflammation? Try protein powder, goji berries, fish oil or flax seeds, respectively. These items are huge health boosts for your body, and can be sneaked right into a smoothie without any detection in taste. Why not?

Creating super smoothies has never been easier, healthier or more delicious when you follow the simple formula of picking your produce, a base, a flavor and a boost.

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