6 Summer Job Ideas for Teens

Summer is a great time for teens to make and save some money, rather than lie around watching TV and playing video games.  It is important to instill a good work ethic early on in a young person’s life, because this is a skill that will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives.  So what kind of job should teens consider?

6 Summer Job Ideas for Teens

Kids and Animals

Many teens earn extra money by sitting – babysitting, dog sitting, or house sitting.  Babysitting is a long-term job, but with spotty gigs.  So instead of relying on a parent’s date night for a few hours earnings look for full-time child care opportunities.  When school is out many parents will need a full-time sitter.  Many kids are in after school care within the school system which is not available when school is out.  Some kids are in daycare before and after school, but full-time daycare is very expensive, and having a teen come in is less so.  It’s a win-win situation.

Clean Up by Cleaning Up

For moms pressed for time, cleaning can sometimes get pushed to the back burner, so they need help or for those who just don’t like cleaning, you can be their answer to prayer and they can be your answer to a job.  Spread the work you are looking for a cleaning job.  You can conceivably clean multiple houses in a week.  Or look for a maid job at a local hotel.

Do as I Do

Another popular teen job is tutoring.  There are lots of things that a tutor can provide such as music lessons, help on A particular subject like math or English, or just refresher lessons to keep kids sharp for next school year.  You can teach swimming, riding, or SAT prep.  Let people know you are available through Facebook or neighborhood flyers.

The Great Outdoors

Lots of teens earn money in the summer by cutting grass.  It’s a hot job that some would rather pay someone to do it rather than do it themselves.  Other outdoor work is landscaping and weeding.  Some will want the basic grass job; others may want extensive work like weed eating, weeding flower beds, or planting shrubs or flowers.

Life Guard

Many times local pools have opportunities for teens working as lifeguards.  These jobs fill up fast, so apply early and take the required CPR and lifeguard course prior to applying.  You can work on your tan while providing a valuable service.  Another summer outdoor job is camp counselor.  This job will supply much more that a paycheck.  Working with kids at camp is an experience you will never forget and neither will they.  Get ready to be a kid’s hero.

Fun and Games

If there is an amusement park in your vicinity these present a huge number of summer jobs, from ride attendant to game booth operator.  Amusement parks also need character mascots, food service workers, shop workers, ticket takers, and more.  The jobs are abundant, but it’s fairly competitive, so, again, apply early.


Summer jobs are a classic, one that will be valuable in many ways, not the least of which is a boost to your resume.  Have fun and earn come cash this summer.



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