Peanut Milk? One of the Many Milk Options

These days food allergies are extremely common and easily accommodated, thanks to the food industries growing list of alternative products. Dairy is a common allergy, and thankfully there is no shortage of solutions for what people will do for milk. Peanut milk is one example of an non-dairy milk that is growing enormously in popularity.

What is It?

As previously stated, peanut milk is a non-dairy beverage that is created using peanuts and water. Similar to other non-dairy “milk” mimic-ing products, there are different options available as far as texture, taste and flavor. Variations of the recipe include salted or non and sweetened or non. The beverage lacks lactose, so is a perfect option for those who are lactose intolerant.

peanut milk

How is it Made?

Peanut milk is made in a similar manner to that of it's market competitors, almond milk, soy milk and rice milk. The peanuts are ground, soaked, heated (essentially roasted) and filtered through an ultra fine filter, resulting in the liquid that makes up the milk. The liquid has a peanut-y flavor and an extremely creamy texture, creating a close comparison for regular milk lovers who just can't have it.

Tasty Ways to Use It

Envision using peanut milk in all the ways you would regular milk: in cereal, with a plate of cookies, in a milk shake or smoothie. The beauty of the peanut milk is that you can be as plentiful with it as you'd like, as there's not nearly as much sugar and there's excess protein, vitamins and minerals for our bodies to consume! Feel free to get creative, as well, with the peanut flavor that you'll notice. Try using the milk alternative in homemade granola bars or oatmeal, in leu of regular milk or a sweeter almond or coconut milk.

Overall, peanut milk is just another tasty dairy alternative to try. The best part, though, is that while the other dairy alternatives tend to be thin and sweet, peanut milk contains a thicker liquid with a hearty flavor and leaves you feeling a little fuller because of the protein. Tasty and good for you? Peanut milk is a win-win!


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