7 Best Soups

Best Soups

Soups can go with almost all meals.  They can stand alone, or be used as a marinade or a base for a sauce.  They can sweeten a dish or add a kick.  Some soups are more versatile or popular than others.  Here are a few to keep in your cupboards!

  • Tomato Soup

Tomato soup is one of those basics that should always remain in your cupboard.  Many buy the condensed version, for a quick and delicious variety.  However, you can easily make it yourself, with spices or various other tourists.  While tomato soup can easily stand alone, it is often associated with a well-made grilled cheese sandwich for dunking!

  • Chowder

This soup is amazing. Whether you buy condensed chowder or make it yourself, there are so many varieties.  You can have corn chowder, salmon chowder, or the famous New England clam chowder.  This is a wonderful soup to start off a dinner party.  It’s also a classy, yet simple dinner – simply get some bread bowls, and your meal is set!

  • Cream of Mushroom

Honestly, this ‘soup’ is not meant to be eaten on its own.  This is very much a soup you would like to have for a base.  Many suggest using this as a base for a variety of chicken dishes or other casseroles.  A simple one is to take a baking pan, put six or so chicken breasts, some onion, and some potato in, and dump a very generous amount of Cream of Mushroom onto them before popping it into the oven.  How you have a moist, delicious chicken dish that is exploding with flavor.

  • Chicken Noodle Soup

The quintessential cure-all, this soup has been used to ‘cure’ illnesses for generations.  Truly, it is something easy on the stomach and soothing on the throat – but that can still be a godsend when you feel ill.  This is very easy to make from scratch too, and better than the condensed if you take the time.

  • Chicken and Rice

This hearty soup is great for a simple day in.  NO fuss, no trouble – just delicious.  This one can be especially nice after a long day in the cold!  Simply take it out and throw it onto the stove – this is one of the few that are great straight out of the can, AND from scratch.

  • Potato soup

Think of a fully loaded stuffed potato, in soup form.  This one is best made from scratch – and so worth the time! This soup is often filling and can be filled with all of the goodies you may put on a potato – in addition to a few different ingredient, such as meats or a few other veggies to round out the meal!

  • Lentil Soup

Simple and filling, this soup is really good accompanied by corn bread.  If you need to fill up quickly, this is the best soup to grab for a hearty meal that will keep you full for a long while.



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