Asparagus Artichoke Salad

Asparagus Artichoke Salad

Spring is here and so, naturally, you want a light spring dish for dining! May we offer the Asparagus Artichoke Salad? Before you get to tossing you’re going to need the right stuff! First pick out a big bag of salad. We like Spinach best but kale, arugula and even iceberg lettuce taste great with these indigents. Once you have picked your chosen green, stroll through the produce section and pick out one large shallot. If you’re not a big fan of shallots, grab a red onion or even one big spring onion. Then grab some lemon juice or, if you’re feeling fancy, a ripe lemon. Just make sure its big enough to squeeze out two or three tablespoons of juice. Now you're going to need two pounds of big, thick asparagus. When you get it home, make sure you thoroughly rinse them and break off the ends for stock later. Don’t forget a pint of grape or even some cherry tomatoes. Make your way to the canned foods aisle and find one fifteen ounce jar of high quality artichoke hearts. Roll on down to the olive oil, grab some salt and garlic powder while you’re there. Now you have everything you need for a tasty spring salad treat!

Sizzling Succulents

Begin by slicking your shallot (or red onion or spring onion, depending on your preference) into thin slices. Once your shallot is broken up into paper thin slices, soak them in three tablespoons of lemon juice. While that is soaking you can begin to roast your asparagus. Preheat your oven to four hundred degrees fahrenheit. While the oven is heating up coat your asparagus spears in a full tablespoon of olive oil. Once the spears are glistening, smother them in salt. Distribute them evenly across a foil-lined pan. By now your oven should be preheated so throw the pan in for eight to ten minutes. You’ll know they’re ready when they are light brown and tender.

If you would rather grill your asparagus, set your charcoal (or gas) grill to high. Make sure the asparagus is rinsed, the ends are broken off, the spears are covered in oil and sprinkled with salt just as before. Set them directly on top of the grill and cook until they are delectably charred and tender when you poke them with your fork. This should take anywhere between five and ten minutes. No matter how you cook the asparagus, cut the spears into bite-sized pieces so they are ready to throw into a large bowl and enjoy with the rest of your ingredients.

Toss it Out

By now your shallots should be thoroughly soaked. Throw in the full bag of greens into a big bowl. Then add your shallot slices, asparagus, sliced grape (or cherry) tomatoes and quartered artichoke hearts. You can leave as much of the artichoke juice as you want in your salad as it acts as a wonderful, natural dressing. Toss the salad around, leave it in the fridge or out at room temperature, ready to serve!



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