Can You Love Low Sugar Fruit?

Low Sugar Fruit

We all know that lowering your sugar intake is a great first step to eating healthier.  And having fruit instead of a sugary snack like a cupcake or cookie – as delightful as they are – works wonders for your new healthy lifestyle.

But what fruits are the best and the lowest in sugar?  There are many fruits that have great benefits but, unfortunately, also have a lot of sugar. You’re still looking for the best bang when it comes to fiber, vitamins and minerals but here are some ideas about low sugar fruit you can love.

These suggestions are great if you’re trying to lower the sugar content in your diet or if you’re diabetic or pre-diabetic.


For low sugar fruit that’s delicious, choose raspberries, blackberries, strawberries or blueberries.  And these are even better in the summertime when they’re fresh off the vine.

Half a cup of raspberries is only 2.7 grams of sugar and the same portion of strawberries is only 3.5 grams.  Blueberries are a little bit more at 7.4 grams but, still, it’s less than half the sugar content of a typical bowl of fruit.

For instance, a banana as 14.4 grams of sugar in a medium sized apple has a whopping 18.9 grams of sugar.

Do you love of mango?  We do too.  But the sugar content for just half a mango is 23 grams.

Tomatoes and Avocados

Yes, tomatoes are a fruit.  We think of them as veggies because we tend to put them in salads but a tomato is considered a fruit.

You can have an entire medium sized tomato for under 5 grams of sugar.

Also on the I-can’t-believe-it’s-a-fruit scale is an avocado which only has 1 gram of sugar for the whole fruit.

Other Fruits

Citrus fruit like limes and lemons share the same low sugar content as berries and even rhubarb has a low sugar content.  If you combine rhubarb and strawberries with a low carb sugar substitute, you can make yourself a pie.

Fruits like cantaloupe, watermelon, nectarines and peaches are in the low to medium sugar content range as well.

High Sugar Content Fruits

The fruits you’ll want to stay away from are things like cherries, figs, bananas, mangoes and any dried fruits including dates, raisins, apricots or prunes.

Now, one thing that we must say about limiting the sugar intake from dried fruit is that it is better to have dried fruit than a candy bar.  If you like something like dried cranberries is or apricots, combine it with a handful of almonds so you’re not putting a ton of sugar in your body at once.

The highest sugar content of dried fruit per 100 g is a golden raisin at 70.6 g of sugar.  That means it’s almost ¾ sugar to fruit.

If you’re a big fan of lychees, know that this fruit has 29 g of sugar per cup but it gives you a huge amount of calcium in the bargain.

Low sugar content doesn’t have to be boring.  If you miss the sweetness, and a little bit of low carb sugar and enjoy.

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