Smoothies…for Now and Later

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For working mothers, it can be difficult to find the time to prepare healthy meals with enough variety to keep the family happy. However, you can make ahead smoothies that have endless combinations. They are a quick way to provide a nutritious breakfast for the family. The following recipes are for one serving. However, the amount of ingredients can be increased for a larger batch. Make sure to store and freeze the rest of the batch until next time. Here are two starter recipes, one with a milk base and one with water.

First, prepare half a cup of blackberries. Both frozen and fresh blackberries work for this recipe. Also, prepare two ripe peaches and make sure to clean out the pit in the center. You'll need half a cup of low fat milk. Use nonfat for a low calorie count or 2% for full flavor. If you would like some extra sweetness, you can also use a teaspoon of honey. Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth.

The second recipe is a strawberry non-dairy drink that is water-based. Prepare one cup of strawberries, a quarter cup of water, four ice cubes and a tablespoon of honey. Add the water and strawberries in the blender first with the honey and ice cubes added last. Start off blending the mixture slowly while increasing the speed of the blender gradually to high until the mixture is a red, smooth liquid. Continue to blend on high for an additional 30 seconds.

You may also add 4 to 5 ice cubes to chill the drink if you want to serve it immediately. Using chilled or frozen ingredients usually eliminates the need for ice cubes, though. Freeze the rest of the batch, but it would be best not to add ice cubes to the rest as it will water down the flavor of the drink. When the rest of the frozen smoothie batch is ready to be served, just defrost it until it can be put into a blender. Then you can blend the frozen mixture until it is smooth.

You can experiment with different types of fruit according to your family's tastes, and even sneak in a few spinach leaves they'll never know are in there. Or even try an apple and spinach smoothie. 1-2 tablespoons of yogurt are great additions to most smoothies, and boost the calcium. Avocado will also add creaminess with some good vitamins. Blueberries add great color, flavor and antioxidants. Also, if you break a banana into a few chunks and freeze it, it makes a great thickener and can replace ice. Because busy mothers can make them ahead of time, these healthy beverages are a great way to ensure that the kids are getting their fair share of daily fruit.


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