Baked Spaghetti: Quick, Easy and De-lish Bulk Recipe


I am right in the middle of a "pantry challenge". 

What's that?  Well, it means different things for different people.  For me, the pantry challenge means that I am trying desperately to put off grocery shopping (one of my least favorite things in the world). 

Basically, I am going through my pantry and trying to come up with creative meals with all of the stuff I haven't used yet.  Let's just say that we've eaten a lot of tacos, grilled cheese sandwiches and hot-dogs this week.

I was very excited about tonight's meal, however.  I found a recipe for a fantastic baked spaghetti on 

Since I purchase my cheese, spaghetti sauce and noodles at Costco, I have an abundance of those items to use. 

I decided to make three batches of the dish (without even trying it first).  Really - how can anyone (including me) mess up a spaghetti dish?

The great thing about this recipe is that it is super-simple to make mass quantities of it and it freezes wonderfully. 

A quick tip:

Line your baking dishes with at  least two layers of tin foil before adding the ingredients making sure you allow enough extra tinfoil on the sides to completely cover the dishes.

Then, "quick-freeze" the dishes (including the pans).  This will take several hours.  Once the dishes are solid (like a brick) remove them from the pans, label and freeze them for later use.

When you are ready to cook the meal, you simply place the "brick" back into the original dish and bake.

Enjoy!  =)

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