Dump Chicken?

First of all...this make ahead meal technique needs a better name.  It doesn't sound real appetizing but it is a fantastic and frugal ways to stretch a chicken and make multiple meals from one dish.   

Here's a quick explanation taken from Soopermom's OAMC Pages

What is Dump Chicken?
Dump chicken is one of the easiest forms of Freezer cooking! The idea is VERY simple, do NOT over think it. You take raw (never frozen) OR Frozen chicken pieces, toss them into a One Gallon Freezer Bag, then toss in the sauce and freeze flat. The key is never RE-FREEZE Raw chicken. Then thaw the chicken and cook! You can bake it, roast it, crock pot it, grill... and maybe microwave it?

Visit the site and check out the recipes....they look DE-LISH! 

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